Man pages for telemac
R Interface to the TELEMAC Model Suite

casSteering file (*.cas)
cliBoundary (*.cli) object
geoMesh / geometry object
interpolInterpolate from source to target locations
line_spacingAdjust line vertex spacing
lines.t2d_tinAdd TELEMAC mesh as lines to a plot
optionalsOptional input files
plot.t2d_geoPlot TELEMAC geometry
plot.t2d_resPlot TELEMAC results
plot.t2d_tinPlot TELEMAC mesh
read_casRead steering file (*.cas)
read_cliRead boundary (*.cli) file
read_geoRead geometry file (*.slf)
read_resultsRead results from *.slf
read_slf_headerRead slf header
read_slf_variableRead slf variables
resultsResults object
simulate_t2dTELEMAC-2D model run
t2dInitialise a TELEMAC-2D project
tinTIN object
tin2gridInterpolate TIN-based mesh values to grid
write_casWrite steering file (*.cas)
write_cliWrite boundary file (*.cli)
write_geoWrite geometry file (*.slf)
write_optWrite optional file(s)
write_resultsWrite results to *.slf
write_slf_headerWrite slf header
write_slf_variableWrite slf variable
write_t2dWrite TELEMAC-2D files
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