Man pages for tensorr
Sparse Tensors in R

all_are_numericAre all values numeric?
allsubsSubscripts of all values in a tensor
array_indexArray Index
as_dtensorConvert objects to dense tensors
as_sptensorConvert objects to sparse tensors
as.vectorVectorize values of a tensor
build_indicesconvert args i,j,... to array of coords.
col_applyApply a function to columns of a matrix
dimDimensions of a tensor
dimnamesDimension names of a tensor
dimnames_to_indicesConvert dimnames to tensor indices
dtensorConstruct a dense tensor
dtensor-classAn S4 class for a dense tensor
dtensor-ComplexComplex Methods for dense tensors
dtensor-extractExtract values from a dense tensor
dtensor-MathMath Methods for dense tensors
dtensor-Math2Math2 Methods for dense tensors
dtensor-OpsOps Methods for dense tensors
dtensor-replaceReplace values from a dense tensor
dtensor-SummarySummary Methods for dense tensors
extract_sptensorExtract indices from a sparse tensor
extract_vecExtract indices from a sparse tensor
fill_missing_indicesFill NULL indices with a range from 1:dim
innerprodCalculate the inner product of a pair of tensors
is_tensorTest if the object is a tensor
length-tensor-methodLength of a tensor
list_to_matidxconvert list of indices to matrix of indices
matchesMatch index in sparse tensor
mat_to_listidxconvert matrix of indices to list of indices
normCalculate the Frobenius norm of a tensor
nzsubsSubscripts of non-zero values in a tensor
nzvalsNon-zero values in a tensor
outerprodCalculate the outer product of a pair of tensors
refoldRefold an unfolded tensor
replace_sptensorReplace values in a sparse tensor
row_applyApply a function to rows of a matrix
setops_subsApply set function to subscript arrays
showShow a tensor
sptensorConstruct a sparse tensor
sptensor-classAn S4 class for a sparse tensor
sptensor-ComplexComplex Methods for sparse tensors
sptensor-extractExtract values from a sparse tensor
sptensor-MathMath Methods for sparse tensors
sptensor-Math2Math2 Methods for sparse tensors
sptensor-OpsOps Methods for dense tensors
sptensor-replaceReplace values from a sparse tensor
sptensor-SummarySummary Methods for sparse tensors
squeezeRemove tensor dimensions of size 1
tensor-classVirtual S4 class for all tensor objects
tensorrtensorr: sparse tensors in R
ttmTensor times matrix
ttvTensor times vector
unfoldUnfold (matricize) a tensor along a mode
unfolded_dtensorConstruct an unfolded dense tensor
unfolded_dtensor-classAn S4 class for an unfolded dense tensor
unfolded_sptensorConstruct an unfolded sparse tensor
unfolded_sptensor-classAn S4 class for an unfolded sparse tensor
unfolded_tensor-classVirtual S4 class for unfolded tensor objects
vec_indexVector Index
zsubsSubscripts of zero values in a tensor
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