Man pages for tensr
Covariance Inference and Decompositions for Tensor Datasets

amprodk-mode product.
anorm_cdArray normal conditional distributions.
array_bic_aicCalculate the AIC and BIC.
arrIndicesArray indices.
atransTucker product.
collapse_modeCollapse multiple modes into one mode.
convert_covConvert the output from 'equi_mcmc' to component covariance...
demean_tensorDemeans array data.
equi_mcmcGibbs sampler using an invariant prior.
fnormFrobenius norm of an array.
get_equi_bayesGet the Bayes rule under multiway Stein's loss.
get_isvdCalculate the incredible SVD (ISVD).
holqCalculate the incredible higher-order LQ decomposition...
hooiCalculate the higher-order orthogonal iteration (HOOI).
hosvdCalculate the (truncated) higher-order SVD (HOSVD).
ihopThe incredible higher-order polar decomposition (IHOP).
kendalltauKendall's tau measure of association.
KomCommutation matrix.
ldanLog-likelihood of array normal model.
listprodElement-wise matrix products between two lists.
lqLQ decomposition.
lrt_null_dist_dim_sameDraw from null distribution of likelihood ratio test...
lrt_statCalculate the likelihood ratio test statistic.
matUnfold a matrix.
mhalfThe symmetric square root of a positive definite matrix.
mle_from_holqGet MLE from output of 'holq'.
multi_stein_lossCalculate multiway Stein's loss from square root matrices.
multi_stein_loss_covCalculate multiway Stein's loss from component covariance...
multiway_takemuraCalculate a truncated multiway Takemura estimator.
polarThe left polar decomposition.
qr2QR Decomposition.
random_orthoGenerate a list of orthogonal matrices drawn from Haar...
rmirror_wishartSample from the mirror-Wishart distribution.
rmvnormMultivariate normal simulation.
rsanStandard normal array.
rwishWishart simulation.
sample_right_wishartGibbs update of 'Phi_inv'.
sample_sigUpdate for total variation parameter in 'equi_mcmc'.
start_identGet list of identity matrices.
start_residsSample covariance matrices for each mode.
tensrtensr: A package for Kronecker structured covariance...
topKTop K elements of a vector.
trTrace of a matrix.
trimTruncates small numbers to 0.
tsumTucker sum.
zscoresNormal scores.
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