Man pages for testextra
Extract Test Blocks

addin_covr_fileAdd-in for 'covr_file'
addin_extract_covrAdd-in for Extract & Coverage
addin_testRStudio add-ins
catch_conditionCatch a condition for testing.
class0Extract class as a single string.
class-expectationsClass Expectations
class-testsEnhanced Class Tests
covr_filesCompute coverage for a group of files.
covr-rendering-singleRendering for single file report
covr-singleSingle File Coverage
expect_validExpect an S4 object is valid
extract_testsExtract tests from source
is_valid_regexCheck if a regular expression is valid.
namespacesCreate namespace environments
string-testsTests for strings
testExtract and run package tests
validity-testsAlternate check for validity
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