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Extract details from statistical models for table construction


Extract details from statistical models for table construction. The function has methods for a range of statistical models.


extract(model, ...)



A statistical model object.


Custom parameters, which are handed over to subroutines. The arguments are usually passed to the summary function, but in some cases to other functions.


The extract function serves to retrieve coefficients, standard errors, p-values, confidence intervals, and goodness-of-fit statistics from statistical models in R. More than 100 extract methods ("extensions") for various statistical models are available. The function returns a texreg object.

extract is a generic function, which extracts coefficients and GOF measures from statistical model objects. extract methods for the specific model types are called by the generic extract function if it encounters a model known to be handled by the specific method. The output is a texreg object, which is subsequently used by the texreg function and related functions.

To list the model classes for which extract methods exist, type showMethods("extract") or methods("extract"). To show the method definition (i.e., the function body) of a specific extract method, use the getMethod function, for example getMethod("extract", "lm") for linear models. To get help on a specific extract method, type something like ?`extract,lm-method` (or something similar for other models, where "lm" needs to be replaced by the class name of the respective model). You can also list the available methods by displaying the texreg package help index.

Users can contribute their own extensions for additional statistical models. Examples are contained in the article in the Journal of Statistical Software referenced below. Suggestions can be submitted as pull requests at https://github.com/leifeld/texreg/pulls or through the issue tracker at https://github.com/leifeld/texreg/issues.


The function returns a texreg object.


Philip Leifeld


Leifeld, Philip (2013). texreg: Conversion of Statistical Model Output in R to LaTeX and HTML Tables. Journal of Statistical Software 55(8): 1-24. \Sexpr[results=rd]{tools:::Rd_expr_doi("10.18637/jss.v055.i08")}.

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