Man pages for text2vec
Modern Text Mining Framework for R

as.lda_cConverts document-term matrix sparse matrix to 'lda_c' format
check_analogy_accuracyChecks accuracy of word embeddings on the analogy task
coherenceCoherence metrics for topic models
CollocationsCollocations model.
combine_vocabulariesCombines multiple vocabularies into one
create_dtmDocument-term matrix construction
create_tcmTerm-co-occurence matrix construction
create_vocabularyCreates a vocabulary of unique terms
distancesPairwise Distance Matrix Computation
GloVere-export rsparse::GloVe
ifilesCreates iterator over text files from the disk
itokenIterators (and parallel iterators) over input objects
jsPCA_robust(numerically robust) Dimension reduction via Jensen-Shannon...
LatentDirichletAllocationCreates Latent Dirichlet Allocation model.
LatentSemanticAnalysisLatent Semantic Analysis model
movie_reviewIMDB movie reviews
normalizeMatrix normalization
perplexityPerplexity of a topic model
prepare_analogy_questionsPrepares list of analogy questions
prune_vocabularyPrune vocabulary
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
RelaxedWordMoversDistanceCreates Relaxed Word Movers Distance (RWMD) model
similaritiesPairwise Similarity Matrix Computation
split_intoSplit a vector for parallel processing
tokenizersSimple tokenization functions for string splitting
vectorizersVocabulary and hash vectorizers
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