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Download and Load Various Text Datasets

cache_infoList folders and their sizes in cache
catalogueCatalogue of all available data sources
dataset_ag_newsAG's News Topic Classification Dataset
dataset_dbpediaDBpedia Ontology Dataset
dataset_imdbIMDB Large Movie Review Dataset
dataset_sentence_polarityv1.0 sentence polarity dataset
dataset_trecTREC dataset
embedding_gloveGlobal Vectors for Word Representation
lexicon_afinnAFINN-111 dataset
lexicon_bingBing sentiment lexicon
lexicon_loughranLoughran-McDonald sentiment lexicon
lexicon_nrcNRC word-emotion association lexicon
lexicon_nrc_eilNRC Emotion Intensity Lexicon (aka Affect Intensity Lexicon)...
lexicon_nrc_vadThe NRC Valence, Arousal, and Dominance Lexicon
load_datasetInternal Functions
textdata-packagetextdata: Download and Load Various Text Datasets
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