Man pages for textreuse
Detect Text Reuse and Document Similarity

align_localLocal alignment of natural language texts
as.matrix.textreuse_candidatesConvert candidates data frames to other formats
filenamesFilenames from paths
hash_stringHash a string to an integer
lshLocality sensitive hashing for minhash
lsh_candidatesCandidate pairs from LSH comparisons
lsh_compareCompare candidates identified by LSH
lsh_probabilityProbability that a candidate pair will be detected with LSH
lsh_queryQuery a LSH cache for matches to a single document
lsh_subsetList of all candidates in a corpus
minhash_generatorGenerate a minhash function
pairwise_candidatesCandidate pairs from pairwise comparisons
pairwise_comparePairwise comparisons among documents in a corpus
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rehashRecompute the hashes for a document or corpus
similarity-functionsMeasure similarity/dissimilarity in documents
textreuse-packagetextreuse: Detect Text Reuse and Document Similarity
TextReuseTextDocument-accessorsAccessors for TextReuse objects
tokenizeRecompute the tokens for a document or corpus
tokenizersSplit texts into tokens
wordcountCount words
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