Man pages for textshape
Tools for Reshaping Text

bind_listRow Bind a List of Named Dataframes or Vectors
bind_tableColumn Bind a Table's Values with Its Names
bind_vectorColumn Bind an Atomic Vector's Values with Its Names
change_indexIndexing of Changes in Runs
cluster_matrixReorder a Matrix Based on Hierarchical Clustering
column_to_rownamesAdd a Column as Rownames
combineCombine Elements
DATAFictitious Classroom Dialogue
durationDuration of Turns of Talk
flattenFlatten a Nested List of Vectors Into a Single Tier List of...
from_toPrepare Discourse Data for Network Plotting
golden_rulesSentence Boundary Disambiguation Edge Cases
hamletHamlet (Complete & Split by Sentence)
mtabulateTabulate Frequency Counts for Multiple Vectors
simple_dtmSimple 'DocumentTermMatrix'
split_indexSplit Data Forms at Specified Indices
split_matchSplit a Vector By Split Points
split_match_regex_to_transcriptSplit Text by Regex Into a Transcript
split_portionBreak Text Into Ordered Word Chunks
split_runSplit Runs
split_sentenceSplit Sentences
split_sentence_tokenSplit Sentences & Tokens
split_speakerBreak and Stretch if Multiple Persons per Cell
split_tokenSplit Tokens
split_transcriptSplit a Transcript Style Vector on Delimiter & Coerce to...
split_wordSplit Words
textshapeTools for Reshaping Text
tidy_colo_dtmConvert a 'DocumentTermMatrix'/'TermDocumentMatrix' into...
tidy_dtmConvert a 'DocumentTermMatrix'/'TermDocumentMatrix' into Tidy...
tidy_listTidy a List of Named Dataframes or Named Vectors or Vectors
tidy_matrixConvert a Matrix into Tidy Form
tidy_tableTidy a Table: Bind Its Values with Its Names
tidy_vectorTidy a Named Atomic Vector: Bind Its Values with Its Names
unique_pairsExtract Only Unique Pairs of Collocating Words in...
unnest_textUn-nest Nested Text Columns
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