Man pages for tfCox
Fits Piecewise Polynomial with Data-Adaptive Knots in Cox Model

cv_tfCoxFit Trend Filtering Cox model and Choose Tuning Parameter via...
negloglikCalculate the negative log likelihood from Cox model.
plot.cv_tfCoxPlots Cross-Validation Curve for Object of Class "cv_tfCox"
plot.sim_datPlot the true covariate effects
plot.tfCoxPlot Fitted Functions from Class "tfCox"
predict_best_lambdaPredict from the optimal lambda from tfCox_choose_lambda
predict.tfCoxPredict for a New Covariate Matrix and fit from 'tfCox'
sim_datSimulate Data from a Variety of Functional Scenarios
summary.cv_tfCoxSummarize 'cv_tfCox' object
summary.tfCoxSummarize 'tfCox' object
tfCoxFit the additive trend filtering Cox model with a range of...
tfCox_choose_lambdaChoose the tuning parameter lambda using training and testing...
tfCox-packageFit the Additive Trend Filtering Cox Model
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