Man pages for tframe
Time Frame Coding Kernel

00tframe.IntroTframe - Generic Approach to Handling Time
checktframeConsistentCheck for a Consistent tframe
classedTframe Library Utilities
earliestEndStart and End for Objects with Multiple Time Series
nseriesNumber of Series
selectSeriesExtract a Subset of Series
seqNTframe Library Utilities
seriesNamesNames of Series in a time series object
spliceSplice Time Series
tbindBind Time Series
testEqualCompare Two Objects
testEqualtframesCompare Two Time Frames
tfExpandExpand a Tframe or Tframed Object.
tfLTime Series Shifting and Differencing
tfprintPrint Tframed Objects
tframeExtract or Set a tframe
tfspanTime Span
tfstartExtract Time Frame Information
tfwindowTruncate a Time Series
trimNATrim NAs from Time Series
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