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Tools for Cleaning Up Messy Files

all_ggplot_to_pptxSave all ggplot in a pptx
as_mon_numerictransform a vector into numeric
clean_levelsClean levels label
clean_vecClean character vector
dot-efface_testdelete .test file in testthat folder
dput_levelsreturn R instruction to create levels
excel_colreturn all excel column name
excel_to_ncolreturn excel column position number from a column name
find_namefind pattern in name's dataset
from_excel_to_posixttransform the excel numeric date format into POSIXct
grapes-ni-grapesnot in
gsub2like gsub but keep a factor as factor
is.01does this vector only contains 0 and 1
is.12does this vector only contains 1 and 2
is_full_figuresPredicate for charater vector full of figures
is_full_naPredicate for full NA vector
is_likertis a factor a likert scale
look_like_a_numberreturn TRUE if this look like a number
make_uniquemake.unique improvement
ncol_to_excelreturn excel column name from a position number
peeppeep the pipeline
pipePipe operator
replace_patternReplace pattern everywhere in a data.frame
save_as_csvexport a data.frame to csv
set_col_typeset a given coltype to each column in a data.frame
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