Man pages for thredds
Crawler for Navigating THREDDS Catalogs

build_xpathBuild and xpath string, possibly using the user specified...
CatalogNodeA class for Catalogs (which may contain catalogs references...
DatasetNodeA class for a single datatset reference
get_catalogRetrieve a catalog
get_xml_nsRetrieve the namespaces for a resource
grepl_itDetermine if a vector of names match the greplargs
is_xmlNodeTest if an object inherits from xml2::xml_node
parse_nodeConvert a node to an object inheriting from ThreddsNode
ServiceNodeA simple class for parsing and holdoing service info
threddsthredds: Crawler for Navigating THREDDS Catalogs
ThreddsNodeA base representation that other nodes subclass from
xml_children_namesGet the names of children
xml_idRetrieve an ID value for a node from it's attributes.
xmlStringConvert xm2::xml_node to character
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