hdsd: NASAs Hypobaric Decompression Sickness Data

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Time to onset of grade IV VGE was collected by volunteers who underwent denitrogenation test procedures before being uncovered to a hypobaric environment. This data set contains with 238 subjects and several covariates were recorded periodically monitor for a changed status is between ( L, R ].




id: subject recorded in the data set
Age: recorded age (ranged from 20 to 54)
Sex: (males = 1; females = 0)
TR360: (ranged from 1.04 to 1.89)
Noadyn: (ambulatory, Noadyn=1; lower body adynamic, Noadyn=0)
right: return with a grade IV VGE changed status before time R
left: return with a grade IV VGE changed status after time L


Conkin J, Bedahl SR and van Liew HD. (1992). A computerized data bank of decompression sickness incidence in altitude chambers. Aviation Space Environ. Med 63, 819-824.

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