Man pages for thunder
Computation and Visualisation of Atmospheric Convective Parameters

get_soundingDownload rawinsonde measurement
skewt_linesAdd line to a Skew-T diagram
skewt_plotPlot empty Skew-T diagram
sounding_barbsPlot wind profile using wind barbs
sounding_computeCalculate convective parameters
sounding_defaultGeneric function for calculating thermo- and kinematic...
sounding_exportSounding export
sounding_hodographPlot hodograph based on rawinsonde data
sounding_plotPlot Skew-T, hodograph and convective indices on a single...
sounding_saveSave 'sounding_layout' to a graphical file
sounding_viennaExamplary sounding dataset - sample from Vienna (WMO ID:...
sounding_windPlot vertical wind speed profile
windbarbsWind barbs
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