Man pages for tidySEM
Tidy Structural Equation Modeling

add_pathsAdd paths to an object of class 'tidy_sem'
as_lavaanConvert tidy_sem to 'lavaan' syntax
as_mplusConvert tidy_sem to 'Mplus' syntax
as_ramConvert lavaan syntax to RAM specification
BCHEstimate an Auxiliary Model using the BCH Method
BLRTConduct Bootstrapped Likelihood Ratio Test
chisq_sbSatorra-Bentler corrected chi-square test
class_probObtain latent class probabilities
conf_intFormat confidence intervals
corsGenerate syntax for correlations
create_scalesCreate scale scores from observed variables
curry_macSimulated MAC data
data_mix_ordinalSimulated data for mixture model with ordinal indicators
descriptivesDescribe a dataset
dictionaryExtract dictionary from tidy_sem
edgesExtract edges from sem_graph
edit_graphEdit graph elements
empathySimulated empathy data
estimate_lavaanEstimate tidy_sem using 'lavaan'
estimate_mplusEstimate tidy_sem using 'Mplus'
estimate_mxEstimate tidy_sem using 'OpenMx'
est_sigAdd significance asterisks to object
get_dataExtract data from tidy_sem
get_edgesExtract edges from a SEM model object
get_fitGet fit indices from objects
get_layoutGenerate graph layout
get_nodesExtract nodes from a SEM model object
graph_semRender a graph
if_editConditionally edit a sem_graph object
lsubApply pattern replacement over a vector
measurementGenerate syntax for a measurement model
mixture_startsAutomatically set starting values for an OpenMx mixture model
mplus_expand_namesExpand abbreviated Mplus variable names
mx_growth_mixtureEstimate growth mixture models using OpenMx
mx_lcaEstimate latent class analyses using OpenMx
mx_mixtureEstimate mixture models using OpenMx
mx_profilesEstimate latent profile analyses using OpenMx
nodesExtract nodes from sem_graph
paste2Concatenate Strings while omitting NA
plot_bivariateCreate correlation plots for a mixture model
plot_densityCreate density plots for mixture models
plot_probPlot categorical variable probabilities
plot_profilesCreate latent profile plots
pomsApply POMS-coding to data
prepare_graphPrepare graph data
reportReport formatted number
run_lavaanRun as lavaan model
run_mxRun as OpenMx model with sensible defaults
skew_kurtosisCalculate skew and kurtosis
syntaxExtract syntax from tidy_sem
table_corsExtract correlation tables
table_fitPrint model fit table formatted for publication
table_probResults table in probability scale
table_resultsPrint results table formatted for publication
tidy_semCreate a tidy_sem object
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