Man pages for tidycells
Read Tabular Data from Diverse Sources and Easily Make Them Tidy

analyse_cellsAnalyse Cells
analyze_cellsAnalyze Cells
as_cell_dfTransform data into Cell-DF Structure
basic_classifierNaive 'data_type' Based Value/Attribute Classifier
cell_analysis-class'cell_analysis' class
cell_composition_tracebackDisplay static composition traceback plot
cell_df-class'cell_df' class
collate_columnsCollate Columns Based on Content
compose_cellsCompose a Cell Analysis to a tidy form
get_directionget optimal direction (in terms of 'unpivotr' directions)
get_direction_dfGet Directional Orientation for Attributes corresponding to a...
get_direction_metricget direction metric
get_group_idGet Group ID for joined cells
get_unpivotr_direction_namesget unpivotr direction names
numeric_values_classifierValue/Attribute Classifier which considers number like cells...
pipePipe operator
read_cell_part-class'read_cell_part' class
read_cellsRead Cells from file
read_cells_internalRead Cells from file
sample_based_classifierSample Based Value/Attribute Classifier
tidycells-package'tidycells' package
validate_cellsValidate cell-DF
value_attribute_classifyValue/Attribute Classifier
visual_functionsInteractive operations and Visualizations
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