Man pages for tidycharts
Generate Tidy Charts Inspired by 'IBCS'

add_barsadd bars to svg string
add_titleAdd IBCS compliant legend.
add_waterfall_barsAdd waterfall style bars to the column chart
bar_chartGenerates basic horizontal barchart. If more than one series...
bar_chart_absolute_varianceGenerate bar chart with absolute variance.
bar_chart_groupedGenerates grouped horizontal barchart with scenario...
bar_chart_normalizedGenerates normalized horizontal barchart. If more than one...
bar_chart_referenceGenerates basic horizontal barchart with index on a given...
bar_chart_relative_varianceGenerate bar chart with relative variance (in percents).
bar_chart_waterfallGenerate horizontal waterfall chart.
column_chartGenerate basic column chart.
column_chart_absolute_varianceGenerate column chart with absolute variance.
column_chart_groupedGenerate grouped column chart for visualizing up to 3 data...
column_chart_normalizedGenerate column chart with normalization.
column_chart_referenceGenerate column chart with reference line.
column_chart_relative_varianceGenerate column chart with relative variance (in percents).
column_chart_waterfallGenerate column waterfall chart for visualizing contribution.
column_chart_waterfall_varianceGenerate column waterfall chart with absolute variance.
draw_triangleDraw triangle and append it to svg string
facet_chartFacet chart.
get_color_stackedFunction to get bar/area color for stacked plots.
get_vectorHelper function to get the vector or column form df. If...
join_chartsJoin SVG charts.
knit_print.tidychartPrinting in knitr reports
line_chartGenerates a line plot with markers on chosen points. Allows...
line_chart_denseLine chart with more points then categories on x-axis.
line_chart_dense_customMore customizable version of 'line_chart_dense'. User can...
line_chart_markersGenerates line plot with markers on every value.
line_chart_markers_referenceGenerates line plot with markers on every value with index on...
line_chart_normalizedGenerates normalized areas (stacked lines) plot. If more than...
line_chart_stackedGenerates areas (stacked lines) plot. If more than one series...
parse_time_seriesFunction to transfer data frame with time series values in...
print.tidychartExplicitly draw tidychart
reset_marginsReset margin values to package defaults.
restore_defaultsRestore default color and style settings.
scatter_plotGenerates a scatter plot. If additional argument added, a...
set_colorsChange default colors of the package.
set_marginsSet margins size.
set_scatter_colorsChange default colors of the scatter plots from the package.
set_stylesChange default styles for plots.
showFunction to render SVG as bitmap, used only in tests
str_widthCalculate string width in pixels
SVGrendererFunction to render SVG image as htmlwidget
SVGsaveSave svg image.
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