Man pages for tidyhydat
Extract and Tidy Canadian 'Hydrometric' Data

allstationsAll Canadian stations
download_hydatDownload and set the path to HYDAT
hy_agency_listhy_agency_list function
hy_annual_instant_peaksExtract annual max/min instantaneous flows and water levels...
hy_annual_statsExtract annual statistics information from the HYDAT database
hy_dailyExtract all daily water level and flow measurements
hy_daily_flowsExtract daily flows information from the HYDAT database
hy_daily_levelsExtract daily levels information from the HYDAT database
hy_data_symbolsDATA SYMBOLS look-up table
hy_data_typesDATA TYPES look-up table
hy_datum_listExtract datum list from HYDAT database
hy_dirOutput OS-independent path to the HYDAT sqlite database
hy_monthly_flowsExtract monthly flows information from the HYDAT database
hy_monthly_levelsExtract monthly levels information from the HYDAT database
hy_plotThis function is deprecated in favour of generic plot methods
hy_reg_office_listExtract regional office list from HYDAT database
hy_remoteGet the version date of HYDAT that is current on the ECCC...
hy_sed_daily_loadsExtract daily sediment load information from the HYDAT...
hy_sed_daily_susconExtract daily suspended sediment concentration information...
hy_sed_monthly_loadsExtract monthly flows information from the HYDAT database
hy_sed_monthly_susconExtract monthly flows information from the HYDAT database
hy_sed_samplesExtract instantaneous sediment sample information from the...
hy_sed_samples_psdExtract instantaneous sediment sample particle size...
hy_set_default_dbSet the default database path
hy_srcOpen a connection to the HYDAT database
hy_stationsExtract station information from the HYDAT database
hy_stn_data_collExtract station data collection from HYDAT database
hy_stn_data_rangeExtract station data range from HYDAT database
hy_stn_datum_convExtract station datum conversions from HYDAT database
hy_stn_datum_unrelatedExtract station datum unrelated from HYDAT database
hy_stn_op_scheduleExtract station operation schedule from HYDAT database
hy_stn_regulationExtract station regulation from the HYDAT database
hy_stn_remarksExtract station remarks from HYDAT database
hy_test_dbGet the location of the HYDAT database
hy_versionExtract version number from HYDAT database
plotPlot historical and realtime data
pull_station_numberConvenience function to pull station number from tidyhydat...
realtime_add_local_datetimeAdd local datetime column to realtime tibble
realtime_daily_meanCalculate daily means from higher resolution realtime data
realtime_ddDownload a tibble of realtime river data from the last 30...
realtime_plotConvenience function to plot realtime data
realtime_stationsDownload a tibble of active realtime stations
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
search_stn_nameA search function for hydrometric station name or number
station_choiceFunction to chose a station based on consistent arguments for...
tidyevalTidy eval helpers
tidyhydat-packagetidyhydat: Extract and Tidy Canadian 'Hydrometric' Data
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