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This package just adds some tidyverse-style enhancements to similar routines in the infotheo package [@infotheopackage].


Suppose we have $f(x)$ as a special case of $log_2(x)$ : $$ f(x) = \begin{cases} log_2(x) & \quad \text{if } x\text{ > 0}\ 0 & \quad \text{if } x \text{ is 0} \end{cases} $$ We compute Shannon Entropy $H(X)$, as: $$ H(X) = -\sum_{x\in{X}}p(x)f(x) $$ with the function shannon_entropy(.data, ..., na.rm=FALSE). Conditional Shannon Entropy $H(X|Y)$ as: $$ H(X|Y) = -\sum_{y\in{Y}}\sum_{x\in{X}}p(x|y)f(p(x|y)) $$ with the shannon_cond_entropy(.data, ..., na.rm=FALSE) function. These two entropy equations are enough for the equation for Mutual Information $\mathit{MI}(X;Y)$: $$ \mathit{MI}(X;Y) = H(X) - H(X|Y) = H(Y) - H(Y|X) $$ and the normalized version of that: $$ \mathit{NMI}(X;Y) = \frac{2 \times \mathit{MI}(X;Y)}{H(X) + H(Y)} $$ using the mutual_info(.data, ..., normalized=FALSE, na.rm=FALSE) function. See Elements of Information Theory [@coverthomas] for a thorough explanation of the mathematics. Also, see the infotheo package [@infotheopackage] if additional measures or functionality is needed.


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