Man pages for tidyquant
Tidy Quantitative Financial Analysis

av_api_keySet Alpha Vantage API Key
coord_x_dateZoom in on plot regions using date ranges or date-time ranges
deprecatedDeprecated functions
excel_date_functionsExcel Date and Time Functions
excel_financial_math_functionsExcel Financial Math Functions
excel_if_functionsExcel Summarising "If" Functions
excel_pivot_tableExcel Pivot Table
excel_ref_functionsExcel Reference Functions
excel_stat_mutation_functionsExcel Statistical Mutation Functions
excel_stat_summary_functionsExcel Statistical Summary Functions
FANGStock prices for the "FANG" stocks.
geom_bbandsPlot Bollinger Bands using Moving Averages
geom_chartPlot Financial Charts in ggplot2
geom_maPlot moving averages
palette_tqtidyquant palettes for use with scales
pipePipe operator
quandl_api_keyQuery or set Quandl API Key
quandl_searchSearch the Quandl database
scale_manualtidyquant colors and fills for ggplot2.
theme_tqtidyquant themes for ggplot2.
tidyquanttidyquant: Integrating quantitative financial analysis tools...
tiingo_api_keySet Tiingo API Key
tq_getGet quantitative data in 'tibble' format
tq_indexGet all stocks in a stock index or stock exchange in 'tibble'...
tq_mutateMutates quantitative data
tq_performanceComputes a wide variety of summary performance metrics from...
tq_portfolioAggregates a group of returns by asset into portfolio returns
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