Man pages for tidyseurat
Brings Seurat to the Tidyverse

add_classAdd class to abject
as_tibbleCoerce lists, matrices, and more to data frames
bindEfficiently bind multiple data frames by row and column
cell_type_dfExample data set 2
countCount observations by group
drop_classRemove class to abject
extractExtract a character column into multiple columns using...
filterSubset rows using column values
full_joinFull join datasets
get_abundance_sc_longget abundance long
get_abundance_sc_wideget abundance long
ggplotCreate a new ggplot from a tidyseurat object
group_byGroup by one or more variables
inner_joinInner join datasets
join_transcriptsExtract and join information for transcripts.
left_joinLeft join datasets
mutateCreate, modify, and delete columns
pbmc_smallExample data set
pbmc_small_nested_interactionsExample data set 2
pipePipe operator
pivot_longerPivot data from wide to long
plot_lyInitiate a plotly visualization
pullExtract a single column
quo_namesConvert array of quosure (e.g. c(col_a, col_b)) into...
renameRename columns
right_joinRight join datasets
rowwiseGroup input by rows
sample_nSample n rows from a table
selectSubset columns using their names and types
separateSeparate a character column into multiple columns with a...
sliceSubset rows using their positions
summariseSummarise each group to fewer rows
tidytidy for seurat
uniteUnite multiple columns into one by pasting strings together
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