Man pages for tidytidbits
A Collection of Tools and Helpers Extending the Tidyverse

add_summaryAdd summary to tibble
add_summary_byAdd summary to tibble
all_or_all_naAll() giving NA only if all values are NA
any_or_all_naAny() giving NA only if all values are NA
append_objectAppending in a pipe, never unlisting
are_trueVectorised conversion to logical, treating NA as False
as_formatted_numberFormat numeric value for output
as_formatted_p_valueFormatting p values
as_percentage_labelFormat as percentage for output
count_atCount by multiple variables
count_byCount according to grouping
cross_tabulateCreate cross table from a tibble
dinaThe DIN A paper formats
equal_including_naCompare vectors, treating NA like a value
eval_unquotedExecute code after tidy evaluation
execute_ifConditional execution in a pipeline
execute_in_pipelineExecuting language as if in a pipeline
expression_listExtract symbols from an expression of symbols and operators
first_non_nasRow-wise first value which is not NA
first_non_nas_atRow-wise first value that is not NA
first_notFirst argument that does not equal a given value
first_not_naFirst argument that is not NA
first_which_non_na_atRow-wise first index of column that is not NA
first_which_not_naFirst which() is not na
format_numbers_atFormat numeric columns for display
format_p_values_atFormat numeric columns for display
identity_orderOrdering function: identity order
invalidA notion of valid and invalid
invert_value_and_namesInverting name and value
local_variables"Variable generating" functions
lookupLookup in a dictionary
lookup_function_from_dictCreating a lookup function from dictionary
lumpGeneric lumping
lump_rowsLump rows of a tibble
named_paletteNamed color palette
orderer_function_from_sorted_vectorsOrderer function for complex sorting
order_factor_byReorder a factor
pluck_vectorPluck with simplified return value
prepare_directoryDirectory creation
prepare_pathDirectory creation and file path concatenation
prepend_objectPrepending in a pipe, never unlisting
print_deparsedPrint deparsed language
rename_factorRename a factor.
rename_reorder_factorRename and reorder a factor.
replace_sequential_duplicatesReplace sequential duplicates
save_pdfSave plot as PDF
save_pngSave plot as PNG
sequential_duplicatesDetect sequential duplicates
str_locate_matchCombine str_match and str_locate
symbol_as_quosureMake quosure from symbol
syntactically_safeSyntactically safe names
true_or_naTest for logical true or NA
truthyA python / javascript-like "truthy" notion
tuple_assignmentInfix operator for python-style tuple assignment
which_non_naGet indices of non-NA values
with_nameSlice by name
with_value_containingSlice by value
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