Man pages for tidytuesdayR
Access the Weekly 'TidyTuesday' Project Dataset

availableListing all available TidyTuesdays
Available_PrintingPrinting Utilities for Listing Available Datasets
github_patReturn the local user's GitHub Personal Access Token
last_tuesdayFind the most recent tuesday
pipePipe operator
printingprint methods of the tt objects
rate_limit_checkGet Rate limit left for GitHub Calls
readmeReadme HTML maker and Viewer
tt_dateGet date of TidyTuesday, given the year and week
tt_downloaddownload tt data Download all or specific files identified in...
tt_download_fileReads in TidyTuesday datasets from Github repo
tt_loadLoad TidyTuesday data from Github
tt_load_ghLoad TidyTuesday data from Github
use_tidytemplateCall and open the tidytemplate
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