Man pages for tidyxl
Read Untidy Excel Files

excel_functionsNames of all Excel functions
is_date_formatTest that Excel number formats are date formats
is_rangeTest that Excel formulas are ranges
maybe_xlsxDetermine file format
tidyxltidyxl: Import xlsx (Excel) spreadsheet data and formatting...
tidy_xlsxImport xlsx (Excel) cell contents into a tidy structure.
xlexParse xlsx (Excel) formulas into tokens
xlsx_cellsImport xlsx (Excel) cell contents into a tidy structure.
xlsx_color_standardNames and RGB values of Excel standard colours
xlsx_color_themeImport theme color definitions from xlsx (Excel) files
xlsx_formatsImport xlsx (Excel) formatting definitions.
xlsx_namesImport named formulas from xlsx (Excel) files
xlsx_sheet_namesList sheets in an xlsx (Excel) file
xlsx_validationImport data validation rules of cells in xlsx (Excel) files
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