Man pages for timetools
Seasonal/Sequential (Instants/Durations, Even or not) Time Series an object to a data.frame
changeSupportFunction to change time support of TimeIntervalDataFrame
compute.limCalculate limits for plotting
continuousTest if a time object is continuous/set an time object...
durationExtract duration of a Time object
homogeneousTest if a time object is homogeneous
includedtest inclusion of 2 'POSIXcti' objects
intersectintersects 2 'POSIXcti' objects
intervalExtract time intervals of a time object.
ops.numericdefine generic function to compare anything to a numeric
origin1970-01-01 GMT
overlappingTest if any interval of a time intervals object intersect...
periodTest or extract different properties of Time objects
POSIXcti-classClass '"POSIXcti"'
POSIXctp-classClass '"POSIXctp"'
POSIXst-classClass '"POSIXst"'
POSIXt.unitsdefine valid units for time objects/retrieve-set time unit of...
regularTest if a time object is regular
splitDivide into Groups and Reassemble (Time*DataFrame objects and...
SubtimeDataFrame-classClass '"SubtimeDataFrame"'
tapplyApply a Function Over a time properties
TimeInstantDataFrame-classClass '"TimeInstantDataFrame"'
TimeIntervalDataFrame-classClass '"TimeIntervalDataFrame"'
timetools-packageSeasonal/Sequential (Instants/Durations, Even or not) Time...
timezoneGet or set timezone property
whenRetrieve the 'timestamp' of a Time*DataFrame
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