Man pages for timevis
Create Interactive Timeline Visualizations in R

addCustomTimeAdd a new vertical bar at a time point that can be dragged by...
addItemAdd a single item to a timeline
addItemsAdd multiple items to a timeline
centerItemMove the window such that given item or items are centered
centerTimeMove the window such that the given time is centered
fitWindowAdjust the visible window such that it fits all items
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
removeCustomTimeRemove a custom time previously added
removeItemRemove an item from a timeline
runExampleRun examples of using timevis in a Shiny app
setGroupsSet the groups of a timeline
setItemsSet the items of a timeline
setOptionsUpdate the configuration options of a timeline
setSelectionSelect one or multiple items on a timeline
setWindowSet the current visible window
timevisCreate a timeline visualization
timevisDataTimevis sample data
timevisDataGroupsTimevis sample group data
timevis-shinyShiny bindings for timevis
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