Man pages for tipitaka
Data and Tools for Analyzing the Pali Canon

abhidhamma_pitakaAll the books of the Abhidhamma Pitaka
pali_alphabetPali alphabet in order
pali_eqEqual (==) comparison function for Pali words
pali_gtGreater-than (>) comparison function for Pali words
pali_ltLess-than (<) comparison function for Pali words
pali_sortSorting function for vectors of Pali words.
pali_stop_wordsTentative set of "stop words" for Pali
sati_sutta_longMahāsatipatthāna Sutta in "long" form
sati_sutta_rawMahāsatipatthāna Sutta text in raw form
sutta_pitakaAll the books of the Sutta Pitaka
tipitakatipitaka: A package for exploring the Pali Canon in R.
tipitaka_longTipitaka in "long" form
tipitaka_namesNames of each book of the Tipitaka, both abbreviated and in...
tipitaka_rawTipitaka text in raw form
tipitaka_wideTipitaka in "wide" form
vinaya_pitakaAll the books of the Vinaya Pitaka
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