Man pages for tm
Text Mining Package

acq50 Exemplary News Articles from the Reuters-21578 Data Set of...
combineCombine Corpora, Documents, Term-Document Matrices, and Term...
content_transformerContent Transformers
crude20 Exemplary News Articles from the Reuters-21578 Data Set of...
DataframeSourceData Frame Source
DirSourceDirectory Source
DocsAccess Document IDs and Terms
findAssocsFind Associations in a Term-Document Matrix
findFreqTermsFind Frequent Terms
findMostFreqTermsFind Most Frequent Terms
foreignRead Document-Term Matrices
hpcParallelized 'lapply'
inspectInspect Objects
matrixTerm-Document Matrix
metaMetadata Management
PCorpusPermanent Corpora
PlainTextDocumentPlain Text Documents
plotVisualize a Term-Document Matrix
readDataframeRead In a Text Document from a Data Frame
readDOCRead In a MS Word Document
readPDFRead In a PDF Document
readPlainRead In a Text Document
readRCV1Read In a Reuters Corpus Volume 1 Document
readReut21578XMLRead In a Reuters-21578 XML Document
readTaggedRead In a POS-Tagged Word Text Document
readXMLRead In an XML Document
removeNumbersRemove Numbers from a Text Document
removePunctuationRemove Punctuation Marks from a Text Document
removeSparseTermsRemove Sparse Terms from a Term-Document Matrix
removeWordsRemove Words from a Text Document
SimpleCorpusSimple Corpora
stemCompletionComplete Stems
stemDocumentStem Words
stripWhitespaceStrip Whitespace from a Text Document
termFreqTerm Frequency Vector
TextDocumentText Documents
tm_filterFilter and Index Functions on Corpora
tm_mapTransformations on Corpora
tm_reduceCombine Transformations
tm_term_scoreCompute Score for Matching Terms
URISourceUniform Resource Identifier Source
VCorpusVolatile Corpora
VectorSourceVector Source
weightBinWeight Binary
WeightFunctionWeighting Function
weightSMARTSMART Weightings
weightTfWeight by Term Frequency
weightTfIdfWeight by Term Frequency - Inverse Document Frequency
writeCorpusWrite a Corpus to Disk
XMLSourceXML Source
XMLTextDocumentXML Text Documents
Zipf_n_HeapsExplore Corpus Term Frequency Characteristics
ZipSourceZIP File Source
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