Man pages for tmaptools
Thematic Map Tools

aggregate_mapAggregate map
append_dataAppend data to a shape object
approx_areasApproximate area sizes of the shapes
approx_distancesApproximate distances
bbBounding box generator
bb_polyConvert bounding box to a spatial polygon
calc_densitiesCalculate densities
crop_shapeCrop shape object
deprecated_functionsDeprecated tmaptools functions
double_lineCreate a double line or offset line
geocode_OSMGeocodes a location using OpenStreetMap Nominatim
get_asp_ratioGet aspect ratio
get_brewer_palGet and plot a (modified) Color Brewer palette
get_IDsGet ID's of the shape items of sp objects
get_neighboursGet neighbours list from spatial objects
get_proj4Get a PROJ.4 character string
is_projectedIs the shape projected?
map_coloringMap coloring
palette_explorerExplore color palettes
pipePipe operator
points_to_rasterBin spatial points to a raster
poly_to_rasterConvert spatial polygons to a raster
read_GPXRead GPX file
read_osmRead Open Street Map data
read_shapeRead shape file
rev_geocode_OSMReverse geocodes a location using OpenStreetMap Nominatim
sample_dotsSample dots from spatial polygons
sbindCombine shape objects (from sp)
set_projectionSet and get the map projection
simplify_shapeSimplify shape
smooth_mapCreate a smooth map
smooth_raster_coverGet a smoothed cover of a raster object
tmaptools-packageThematic Map Tools
write_shapeWrite shape file
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