Man pages for tmuxr
Manage 'tmux' Sessions, Windows, and Panes

attach_paneAttach to an existing tmux pane
attach_sessionAttach to an existing tmux session
attach_windowAttach to an existing tmux window
capture_paneCapture the contents of a tmux pane
clock_modeDisplay a large clock
display_messageDisplay a message
idIdentifier of a tmux object
indexIndex of a tmux object
is_activeIs tmux object active?
is_installedIs tmux installed correctly?
is_runningIs the tmux server running?
kill_paneKill a tmux pane
kill_serverKill the tmux server
kill_sessionKill a tmux session
kill_windowKill a tmux window
layoutChange layout of a tmux window
list_panesList tmux panes
list_sessionsList tmux sessions
list_windowsList tmux windows
new_paneCreate a new tmux pane
new_sessionCreate a new tmux session
new_windowCreate a new tmux window
object_nameName of a tmux object
object_sizeWidth and height of a tmux object
pipe_panePipe contents of a tmux pane to a shell command
propProperties of a tmux object
rename_sessionRename a tmux session
rename_windowRename a tmux window
resize_paneResize a tmux pane
resize_windowResize a tmux window
select_paneSelect a tmux pane
select_windowSelect a tmux window
send_keysSend keys to a tmux pane
send_prefixSend prefix to a tmux pane
set_optionSet option
start_serverStart the tmux server
styleStyle of a tmux window or pane
style_convertFormat and parse style strings
swap_paneSwap two tmux windows or panes
tmux_commandExecute a tmux command
tmuxr-packagetmuxr: Manage 'tmux' Sessions, Windows, and Panes
tmux_versionGet tmux version
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