tolerance: Statistical Tolerance Intervals and Regions

Statistical tolerance limits provide the limits between which we can expect to find a specified proportion of a sampled population with a given level of confidence. This package provides functions for estimating tolerance limits (intervals) for various univariate distributions (binomial, Cauchy, discrete Pareto, exponential, two-parameter exponential, extreme value, hypergeometric, Laplace, logistic, negative binomial, negative hypergeometric, normal, Pareto, Poisson-Lindley, Poisson, uniform, and Zipf-Mandelbrot), Bayesian normal tolerance limits, multivariate normal tolerance regions, nonparametric tolerance intervals, tolerance bands for regression settings (linear regression, nonlinear regression, nonparametric regression, and multivariate regression), and analysis of variance tolerance intervals. Visualizations are also available for most of these settings.

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AuthorDerek S. Young [aut, cre]
Date of publication2017-02-04 08:40:19
MaintainerDerek S. Young <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

2ParExponential: The 2-Parameter Exponential Distribution

accsamp: Acceptance Sampling

anovatolint: Tolerance Intervals for ANOVA

bayesnormtolint: Bayesian Normal Tolerance Intervals

bintolint: Binomial Tolerance Intervals

bonftolint: Approximate 2-Sided Tolerance Intervals that Control the...

cautolint: Cauchy Tolerance Intervals

diffnormtolint: 1-Sided Tolerance Limits for the Distribution of the...

diffprop: Difference Between Two Proportions Distribution

distfreeest: Estimating Various Quantities for Distribution-Free Tolerance...

dpareto: Discrete Pareto Distribution

dparetoll: Maximum Likelihood Estimation for the Discrete Pareto...

dparetotolint: Discrete Pareto Tolerance Intervals

exp2tolint: 2-Parameter Exponential Tolerance Intervals

exptolint: Exponential Tolerance Intervals

exttolint: Weibull (or Extreme-Value) Tolerance Intervals

F1: Appell's F1 Hypergeometric Function

fidbintolint: Fiducial-Based Tolerance Intervals for the Function of Two...

fidnegbintolint: Fiducial-Based Tolerance Intervals for the Function of Two...

fidpoistolint: Fiducial-Based Tolerance Intervals for the Function of Two...

gammatolint: Gamma (or Log-Gamma) Tolerance Intervals

hypertolint: Hypergeometric Tolerance Intervals

Kfactor: Estimating K-factors for Tolerance Intervals Based on...

Kfactorsim: Estimating K-factors for Simultaneous Tolerance Intervals...

Ktable: Tables of K-factors for Tolerance Intervals Based on...

laptolint: Laplace Tolerance Intervals

logistolint: Logistic (or Log-Logistic) Tolerance Intervals

mvregtolregion: Multivariate (Multiple) Linear Regression Tolerance Regions

mvtolregion: Multivariate Normal Tolerance Regions

negbintolint: Negative Binomial Tolerance Intervals

NegHypergeometric: The Negative Hypergeometric Distribution

neghypertolint: Negative Hypergeometric Tolerance Intervals

nonlinregtolint: Nonlinear Regression Tolerance Bounds

nonparregtolint: Nonparametric Regression Tolerance Bounds

nonpartolint: Nonparametric Tolerance Intervals

normOC: Operating Characteristic (OC) Curves for K-Factors for...

normss: Sample Size Determination for Normal Tolerance Intervals

normtolint: Normal (or Log-Normal) Tolerance Intervals

nporder: Sample Size Determination for Tolerance Limits Based on Order...

paretotolint: Pareto (or Power Distribution) Tolerance Intervals

plottol: Plotting Capabilities for Tolerance Intervals

poislind: Discrete Poisson-Lindley Distribution

poislindll: Maximum Likelihood Estimation for the Discrete...

poislindtolint: Poisson-Lindley Tolerance Intervals

poistolint: Poisson Tolerance Intervals

regtolint: (Multiple) Linear Regression Tolerance Bounds

simnormtolint: Simultaneous Normal (or Log-Normal) Tolerance Intervals

tolerance-internal: Internal Functions

tolerance.package: Statistical Tolerance Intervals and Regions

umatolint: Uniformly Most Accurate Upper Tolerance Limits for Certain...

uniftolint: Uniform Tolerance Intervals

zipfman: Zipf-Mandelbrot Distributions

zipftolint: Zipf-Mandelbrot Tolerance Intervals

zmll: Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Zipf-Mandelbrot Models


acc.samp Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page
d2exp Man page
ddiffprop Man page
ddpareto Man page Man page
DiffProp Man page
DiscretePareto Man page
distfree.est Man page
dnhyper Man page
dpareto.ll Man page Man page
dpoislind Man page
dzipfman Man page Man page Man page
extrap Man page Man page
F1 Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page
interp Man page
K.factor Man page
K.factor.sim Man page
K.table Man page Man page Man page
mvregtol.region Man page
mvtol.region Man page Man page
NegHypergeometric Man page Man page Man page
norm.OC Man page Man page Man page
np.order Man page Man page Man page
p2exp Man page Man page
pdiffprop Man page
pdpareto Man page
plottol Man page
pnhyper Man page
poislind.ll Man page Man page
PoissonLindley Man page Man page
ppoislind Man page
pzipfman Man page
q2exp Man page
qdiffprop Man page
qdpareto Man page
qnhyper Man page
qpoislind Man page
qzipfman Man page
r2exp Man page
rdiffprop Man page
rdpareto Man page Man page
rFUN Man page
rnhyper Man page
rpoislind Man page
rwishart Man page
rzipfman Man page Man page
tolerance Man page
tolerance-package Man page
TwoParExponential Man page
two.sided Man page Man page Man page Man page
ZipfMandelbrot Man page Man page
zm.ll Man page


R/exttolint.R R/fidnegbintolint.R R/bayesnormtolint.R R/negbintolint.R R/diffprop.R R/simnormtolint.R R/plottol.R R/uma.R R/exp2.R R/zipfman.R R/zipftolint.R R/fidbintolint.R R/bintolint.R R/normtolint.R R/nonparregtolint.R R/fidpoistolint.R R/Kfactorsim.R R/nporder.R R/regtolint.R R/paretotolint.R R/dparetotolint.R R/cautolint.R R/dpareto.R R/exp2tolint.R R/neghypertolint.R R/mvtolregion.R R/exptolint.R R/normss.R R/poislindll.R R/rwishart.R R/diffnormtolint.R R/Ktable.R R/bonftolint.R R/zetafun.R R/interpextrap.R R/gammatolint.R R/poislindtolint.R R/poislind.R R/mvregtolregion.R R/Kfactor.R R/poistolint.R R/rFUN.R R/hypertolint.R R/distfreeest.R R/dparetoll.R R/nonlinregtolint.R R/uniftolint.R R/logistolint.R R/zmll.R R/F1.R R/accsamp.R R/normOC.R R/nonpartolint.R R/neghyper.R R/anovatol.R R/laptolint.R
man/laptolint.Rd man/dpareto.Rd man/F1.Rd man/plottol.Rd man/mvregtolregion.Rd man/paretotolint.Rd man/hypertolint.Rd man/bonftolint.Rd man/cautolint.Rd man/dparetotolint.Rd man/exptolint.Rd man/umatolint.Rd man/regtolint.Rd man/normOC.Rd man/bayesnormtolint.Rd man/exttolint.Rd man/zipfman.Rd man/bintolint.Rd man/poislind.Rd man/poislindtolint.Rd man/simnormtolint.Rd man/fidnegbintolint.Rd man/accsamp.Rd man/nonlinregtolint.Rd man/mvtolregion.Rd man/nonpartolint.Rd man/negbintolint.Rd man/zipftolint.Rd man/Ktable.Rd man/anovatolint.Rd man/2ParExponential.Rd man/exp2tolint.Rd man/poislindll.Rd man/NegHypergeometric.Rd man/distfreeest.Rd man/uniftolint.Rd man/fidbintolint.Rd man/fidpoistolint.Rd man/gammatolint.Rd man/logistolint.Rd man/tolerance.package.Rd man/Kfactor.Rd man/Kfactorsim.Rd man/tolerance-internal.Rd man/diffnormtolint.Rd man/normtolint.Rd man/dparetoll.Rd man/nporder.Rd man/normss.Rd man/zmll.Rd man/diffprop.Rd man/poistolint.Rd man/nonparregtolint.Rd man/neghypertolint.Rd

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