Man pages for topmodel
Implementation of the Hydrological Model TOPMODEL in R

flowlengthCalculates the flow distance towards the catchment outlet
huagrahumaHydrological dataset to run TOPMODEL
huagrahuma.demDEM of the Huagrahuma catchment, Ecuador
infiltrationInfiltration routine of TOPMODEL
make.classesmake topographic index classes from a topographic index map
NSeffCalculation of the Nash-Sutcliffe efficiency
outletConveniently query a subset of a matrix
riverIdentification of rivers in a digital elevation model
sinkfillFill sinks in a digital elevation model
subcatchIdentify a hydrological catchment based on a single direction...
topidxCalculation of the topographic index from a DEM raster
topmodelimplementation of the hydrological model TOPMODEL
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