Man pages for totalcensus
Extract High Resolution Census Data

convert_fips_to_namesconvert fips codes to names of a geographies
dict_acs_geocomponentList of geographic components used in American Community...
dict_acs_geoheaderList of geographic headers used in American Community Survey
dict_acs_summarylevelSummary levels available in American Community Survey
dict_acs_tableComplete list of ACS tables
dict_all_geocomponentList of geographic components and codes
dict_cbsaList CBSA code of Metropolitan Statistical Area/Micropolitan...
dict_decennial_geocomponentList of geographic components and codes
dict_decennial_geoheaderList of geographic headers
dict_decennial_summarylevelSummary levels available in Census 2010
dict_decennial_tableComplete list of census tables
dict_fipsList of FIPS code as of 2016 in the US
download_censusdownload census data
download_generated_dataDownload data generated from Census 2010
lookup_acs1year_2014ACS 1-year 2014 file segment and table lookup data
lookup_acs1year_2015ACS 1-year 2015 file segment and table lookup data
lookup_acs1year_2016ACS 1-year 2016 file segment and table lookup data
lookup_acs5year_2015ACS 5-year 2015 file segment and table lookup data
lookup_acs5year_2016ACS 5-year 2015 file segment and table lookup data
lookup_decennial_2010Lookup data files and table contents of Census 2010
read_acs1yearRead ACS 1-year estimates
read_acs5yearRead ACS 5-year estimates
read_decennialRead decennial census data
search_cbsaSearch CBSA code and title
search_fipsSearch FIPS codes
search_geocomponentsSearch geographic components
search_geoheadersSearch geographic headers
search_summarylevelsSearch summary levels
search_tablecontentsSearch table contents in data files
search_tablessearch decennial and acs tables by keyword in table numbers...
set_path_to_censusSet file path to directory storing downloaded census data
states_DCVector of the abbreviations of 50 states and DC
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