tpAUC: Estimation and Inference of Two-Way Partial AUC, FPR partial...

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Tools of estimation and inference of two-way partial AUC, FPR partial AUC and FNR partial ODC. Methods are proposed in Yang et al., 2016 and Yang et al., 2017, including Mann-Whitney Statistic, jackknife method, etc.


Package: tpAUC
Type: Package
Date 2017-04-08
License: GPL (>= 2)


Hanfang Yang, Kun Lu, Xiang Lyu, Feifang Hu, Yichuan Zhao.
Maintainer: Xiang Lyu <>


Wang Z, Chang Y. Marker selection via maximizing the partial area under the ROC curve of linear risk scores[J]. Biostatistics, 2011, 12(2): 369-385.
Yang H, Lu K, Lyu X, Hu F. Two-Way Partial AUC and Its Properties[J]. arXiv:1508.00298, 2016.
Yang H, Lu K, Zhao Y. A nonparametric approach for partial areas under ROC curves and ordinal dominance curves. Statistica Sinica, 2017, 27: 357-371.

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