Man pages for trackter
Automated Kinematic Analysis of Image Data

amp.freqComputes amplitude and frequency of wave-like data
bearing.xyCompute the heading between to cartesian points
colon-equalsAssignment by reference
cosine.angComputes angle between two segments sharing a point.
degConverts radians to degrees
dist.2dComputes distance between two points in Cartesian space.
fin.kinTracking of fin-like extensions of body contours
fish-shapesContour data of fish and arbitrary shapes
halfwaveCompute half wavelengths from a sine-like waveform images into a video file images from video file passing filters to ffmpeg
kin.LDAMidline tracking over image sequences with ROI search using...
kin.searchMidline tracking over image sequences
kin.simpleSimplified midline tracking over image sequences
radconvert degrees to radians images from a video file with ffmpeg images from a video file with ffmpeg
waveCompute wavelengths from a sine-like waveform
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