Man pages for traitdataform
Formatting and Harmonizing Ecological Trait-Data

amniotaAmniote life-history traits
amphibioAmphiBIO, a global database for amphibian ecological traits
arthropodtraitsFunctional Arthropod Traits
as_factor_clocaleLocale-independent factor conversion
as.metadataCreate metadata for trait dataset
as.thesaurusCreate a list of trait definitions (a thesaurus of traits)
as.traitCreate a trait definition
as.traitdataStandardize format of traitdata
carabidsCarabid morphological traits
cast.traitdataCast long-table trait data into wide-table format
fixlogicalStandardise logical variables
get_gbif_taxonomyGet accepted canonical names and taxonomy for a given species...
glossaryEcological Trait-data Standard vocabulary (ETS)
heteroptera_rawHeteroptera morphometry traits
mammaldietMammal diet database
mutate.traitdataMutate traits within a traitdata object.
pantheriaPanTHERIA mammal traits
pulldataPull trait data from the internet
rbind.traitdataCombine trait datasets
read.serviceBExIS access over a Webservice
standardizeStandardize trait datasets
standardize.exploratoriesStandardize Georeference from Biodiversity Exploratories Plot...
standardize_taxaStandardize scientific names of species
standardize_traitsStandardize trait names and harmonize measured values and...
traitdataform-packagePackage 'traitdataform': harmonizing ecological trait data in...
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