Man pages for traitr
An interface for creating GUIs modeled in part after traits UI module for python.

aContainerA container to give a different context than the default for...
aContextA container to give a different context than the default for...
aControllerConstructor for a Controller proto objects
AdapterTrait for Adapter object An adapter is a simple controller...
aDialogCreate a Dialog instance
aFrameBox container with label and visual separator to indicate...
aGroupA box container. Packs in items left to right or top to...
aModelConstructor for a Model proto objects
anExpandGroupExpanding group. Has trigger to show/hide its children
anItemGroupConstructor for ItemGroup instances
aNotebookA notebook container.
aNotebookPageA page in a notebook
aPanedGroupA two panel paned group container.
aTableLayoutA container for tabular layout
aViewConstructor for a View proto object
BaseTraitBase Trait to place common properties and methods
BooleanEditorTrait for Editor for TRUE/FALSE selection
buttonItemButton item to initiate an action
choiceItemItem for choosing one of several values
ContainerBase Trait for Container objects. Containers are used to make...
ControllerTrait for Controller objects
dataframeItemItem to select a data frame from the available data frames in...
dateItemA calendar date selection item
dfEditItemdata frame editor item. Needs writing
DialogA Dialog wraps a top-level window around a collection of...
dialogMakerAutomatically create a dialog for a function
EditorBase Trait for Editor.
expressionItemItem for typing in R expressions. These are eval-parsed in...
fileItemA file selection item
formulaItemA formula Item
get_with_defaultFunction to return value or an object (or default if value is...
graphicDeviceItemA graphic device item. (Only with RGtk2 and cairoDevice!)
imageItemDisplay an image specified by its filename.
integerItemItem for integers
ItemBase Trait for an Item
ItemGroupBase Trait to group items together to form a model....
itemListAn itemList is used to store a list of similar items or...
ItemListEditortrait for editor for itemList
labelItemSimple label item
miscwrite values in paired tags with optional class
ModelTrait for a model object.
numericItemItem for numbers
rangeItemA range selection item
separatorItemVisual separator item
stringItemA string item
tableItemList editor - list <-> tree, must have special structure to...
traitR-packageAn interface for GUI creation using gWidgets
trueFalseItemItem for Boolean values
variableSelectorItemItem to select a variable (or variables) from a selected data...
ViewTrait for View objects.
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