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Animal Trajectory Analysis

ElapsedTimeProgressBarFnA general purpose progress bar that reports elapsed time...
lines.TrajectoryAdd Trajectory lines to a plot
plot.TrajDirectionAutocorrelationsPlot method for direction autocorrelation
plot.TrajectoryPlot method for trajectories
plot.TrajSpeedIntervalsPlot method for trajectory speed intervals
points.TrajectoryAdd Trajectory points to a plot
TrajAnglesTurning angles of a Trajectory
TrajConvertTimeConverts a delimited time string to a numeric value
TrajDAMinMaxFirst direction autocorrelation minimum/maximum
TrajDerivativesCalculates trajectory speed and linear acceleration
TrajDirectionalChangeDirectional change (DC)
TrajDirectionAutocorrelationsDirection autocorrelation
TrajDistanceTrajectory distance
TrajDurationTrajectory duration
TrajEmaxTrajectory straightness index, E-max
TrajExpectedSquareDisplacementTrajectory expected square displacement
TrajFractalDimensionFractal dimension of a trajectory
TrajFractalDimensionValuesFractal dimension calculation
TrajFromCoordsCreate a Trajectory Object
TrajGenerateGenerate a random trajectory
TrajGetFPSTrajectory frames-per-second
TrajGetNCoordsTrajectory number of coordinates
TrajGetTimeUnitsTrajectory temporal units
TrajGetUnitsTrajectory spatial units
TrajLengthTrajectory length
TrajLogSequenceLogarithmically spaced sequence
TrajMeanVectorOfTurningAnglesMean vector of turning angles
TrajMeanVelocityTrajectory mean velocity
trajrtrajr: trajectory analysis in R
TrajRediscretizeResample a trajectory to a constant step length
TrajResampleTimeResample a trajectory to a constant time interval.
TrajReverseReverse a trajectory
TrajRotateRotate a trajectory
TrajsBuildConstruct multiple trajectories
TrajScaleScale a trajectory
TrajSinuositySinuosity of a trajectory
TrajSinuosity2Sinuosity of a trajectory
TrajsMergeStatsMerge trajectory characteristics
TrajSmoothSGSmooth a trajectory using a Savitzky-Golay filter
TrajSpeedIntervalsCalculate speed time intervals
TrajsStatsReplaceNAsReplace NAs in a data frame
TrajsStepLengthsStep lengths of multiple trajectories
TrajStepLengthsTrajectory step lengths
TrajStraightnessStraightness of a Trajectory
TrajTranslateTranslate a trajectory
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