Rmanual: Show R Manuals Literally Translated in Korean

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Utility function to find and display R manuals literally translated in Korean.





a character string; R-intro is set as a default manual.


a character string; txt is set as a default format.


a character string; ko is set as a default language.


R version 2.1.0 and later support Korean translations of program messages. The continuous efforts have been made by R Translation Teams. The R Documentation files are licensed under the GPL, version 2 or 3. This means that the pilot project to translate them into Korean has permission to reproduce them and translate them.

This work is with GNU gettext portable object (po) and portable object template (pot) files. The pot file is updated a weekly basis or whenever changes are necessary. Comments and corrections via email to Chel Hee Lee is of course most welcome. In order to voluntarily participate in or offer your help with this translation, please contact the maintainer. To check the change and progress of Korean translation, please visit http://www.openstatistics.net.


For more information, please see the sections 7 Internationalization and Localization and 9.2 R Bugs.


Continuous efforts have been made by the following contributors. Note that every single contributor assigns the copyright of contribution to Chel Hee Lee when he or she voluntarily participates in the translation. Due to the incomplete record keeping, your name may not be found here. Please let the maintainer recognize your contribution, and the list will be then updated.

For the Introduction to R manual,

For the R Installation and Administration manual,

For the R-FAQ manual,

For the R for Windows FAQ manual,


Chel Hee Lee chl948@mail.usask.ca


Rmanual(what="R-intro", type="html")

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