Man pages for transport
Computation of Optimal Transport Plans and Wasserstein Distances

ahaSolve Transportation Problem by Aurenhammer-Hoffmann-Aronov...
all.equalMethods for Judging Near Equality of Objects of Class pgrid,...
compatibleTest whether Two Objects are Compatible
methodsPrint and Summary Methods for Objects of Class pgrid, pp and...
pgridConstructor for the pgrid Class
pgrid-objectClass of Pixel Grids
plotMethods for Plotting Objects of Class pgrid, pp and wpp
plot_apolloniusPlot Apollonius Diagram
power_diagramCompute the Power Diagram of Weighted Sites in 2-Dimensional...
ppConstructor for the pp Class
pp-objectClass of (Unweighted) Point Patterns
randomImages to Illustrate the Use of transport.pgrid
ret_messageReturn Text Strings for lbfgs Return Codes
semidiscreteFind Optimal Transport Partition Between pgrid and wpp.
semidiscrete1Compute Semidiscrete Optimal Transport for Euclidean Distance...
shieldingCompute Optimal Transport (Cost/Plan) Using the Multiscale...
starting_solutionsCompute starting solution for the transportation problem
subwassersteinApproximate Computation of Wasserstein Distances via...
transportFind Optimal Transport Plan Between Two Objects
transport-internalInternal Functions in Package 'transport'
transport-packageOptimal Transport in Various Forms
transport_trackCreate a Dynamic Visualization of a Transference Plan Between...
trcontrolSet the Control Parameters Used by 'transport'.
wassersteinCompute the Wasserstein Distance Between Two Objects
wasserstein1dCompute the Wasserstein Distance Between Two Univariate...
wppConstructor for the wpp Class
wpp-objectClass of Weighted Point Patterns
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