Man pages for treeClust
Cluster Distances Through Trees

cramerCompute Cramer's V for a two-way table
d3.distD3-style dissimilarity for a single tree
leaf.numbersConvert "where" entry of tree frame into leaf numbers
make.leaf.pathsMake matrix of leaf paths
plot.treeClustPlot treeClust object
print.treeClustPrint treeClust object
rpart.predict.leavesReturn the leaf into which observations are predicted to fall
rp.devianceCompute deviance within nodes of classification trees
summary.treeClustSummarize treeClust object
tcdistCompute treeClust dissimilarities
tcnewdataCreate all-numeric data to mimic the inter-point distances...
treeClustBuild a tree-based dissimilarity for clustering, and...
treeClust.controlParameters describing the output from a treeClust fit
treeClust.distBuilt treeClust distance
treeClust.rpartBuild an rpart tree as part of treeClust
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