Man pages for treeDA
Tree-Based Discriminant Analysis

checkPredictorsAndTreeCheck predictors
coef.treedaCoefficients from treeda fit
combine_plot_and_treeMethod for combining two ggplots
edgesToChildrenMakes a hash table with nodes and their children
expand_backgroundExpand the background of a gtable.
getBranchLengthsMake branch length vector
get_leaf_positionGet leaf positions from a tree layout
makeClassPropertiesCompute properties of the classes
makeDescendantMatrixMake descendant matrix
makeLeafCoefficientsMake leaf coefficients
makeNodeAndLeafPredictorsMake a matrix with predictors for each leaf and node
makeResponseMatrixMake response matrix
nodeToLeafCoefficientsNode coefficients to leaf coefficients
plot_coefficientsPlot the discriminating axes from treeda
plot.treedacvPlot a treedacv object
predict.treedaPredict using new data
print.treedaPrint a treeda object
print.treedacvPrint treedacv objects
treedaTree-based sparse discriminant analysis
treedacvtreeda cross validation
treeda_exampleExample dataset
treeDA-packageTree-based discriminant analysis
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