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Non-Parametric Trend Tests and Change-Point Detection

bartels.testBartels Test for Randomness
br.testBuishand Range Test for Change-Point Detection
bu.testBuishand U Test for Change-Point Detection
csmk.testCorrelated Seasonal Mann-Kendall Test
cs.testCox and Stuart Trend Test
hcbMonthly concentration of particle bound HCB, River Rhine
lanzante.testLanzante's Test for Change Point Detection
maxauAnnual suspended sediment concentration and flow data, River...
mk.testMann-Kendall Trend Test (Multisite) Mann-Kendall Test
PagesDataSimulated data of Page (1955) as test-example for...
partial.cor.trend.testPartial Correlation Trend Test Mann-Kendall Trend Test
pettitt.testPettitt's Test for Change-Point Detection
plot.cptestPlotting cptest-objects
rrod.testRobust Rank-Order Distributional Test
sea.sens.slopeSeasonal Sen's Slope
sens.slopeSen's slope
smk.testSeasonal Mann-Kendall Trend Test
snh.testStandard Normal Homogeinity Test (SNHT) for Change-Point...
summary.smktestObject summaries
wm.testWallis and Moore Phase-Frequency Test
ww.testWald-Wolfowitz Test for Independence and Stationarity
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