Man pages for trotter
Pseudo-Vectors Containing All Permutations, Combinations and Subsets of Objects Taken from a Vector.

apvAmalgams Pseudo-Vector Constructor
cpvCombinations Pseudo-Vector Constructor
length-APV-methodAmalgams Pseudo-Vector Length
length-CPV-methodCombinations Pseudo-Vector Length
length-PPV-methodPermutations Pseudo-Vector Length
length-SPV-methodSelections Pseudo-Vector Length
length-SSPV-methodSubsets Pseudo-Vector Length
ppvPermutations Pseudo-Vector Constructor
spvSelections Pseudo-Vector Constructor
sspvSubsets Pseudo-Vector Constructor
sub-APV-methodRetrieve an Amalgam by Index
sub-CPV-methodRetrieve a Combination by Index
sub-PPV-methodRetrieve a Permutation by Index
sub-SPV-methodRetrieve a Selection by Index
sub-SSPV-methodRetrieve a Subset by Index
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