Man pages for trundler
Historical Retail Data from the 'Trundler' API

admin_authInformation on all API keys
admin_auth_countUsage statistics on all API keys
admin_statsGet statistics per crawl
admin_stats_dailyGet statistics per retailer per day
admin_stats_statusGet status statistics per crawl
base_urlGet base URL for API
categoriesList all categories
categories_graphCreate graph of category hierarchy
category_productsProducts for a specific category
check_response_errorCheck API response for errors
check_response_jsonCheck that API response is JSON
GETWrapper for httr::GET()
get_api_keyRetrieve API key
get_rapidapi_keyRetrieve RapidAPI key
HEADWrapper for httr::HEAD()
paginatePaginate results from API
param_booleanConvert URL parameter into Boolean.
productDetails for a specific product
product_pricesPrice history for a specific product
productsFind products by name or brand
retailerDetails of a retailer
retailer_productsProducts for a specific retailer
set_api_keySet API key
set_base_urlSet base URL for API
set_rapidapi_keySet RapidAPI key
set_serverSet IP and port for API server
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