Man pages for ts.extend
Stationary Gaussian ARMA Processes and Other Time-Series Utilities

ARMA.autocovAuto-covariance/auto-correlation function for the stationary...
ARMA.varCovariance/correlation matrix for the stationary ARMA model
dGARMADensity function for the stationary GARMA distribution
garmaSimulated example data set
intensityCompute the spectral intensity of a time-series vector/matrix
pGARMACumulative distribution function for the stationary GARMA...
plot.intensityPlot scatterplot matrix of intensity vectors
plot.spectrum.testPlot of the Permutation-Spectrum Test
plot.time.seriesPlot scatterplot matrix of time-series vectors
rGARMAGenerate random vectors from the stationary GARMA...
spectrum.testPermutation-spectrum test for time-series data
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