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Getting started with the tsDyn package


This package provide some tools inspired by nonlinear dynamics for the analysis-modelling of observed time series.
For loading the package, type:
A good place to start learning the package usage, is the vignette. It contains a more detailed guide on package contents, and an applied case study. At the R prompt, write:
For a full list of functions exported by the package, type:

There is also an experimental GUI for built-in NLAR models. Call it with:
where timeSeries is an available time series object.

Each exported function has a corresponding man page (some man pages are in common to more functions). Display it by typing


Antonio, Fabio Di Narzo

See Also

availableModels for listing all currently available NLAR models

autopairs,autotriples,autotriples.rgl for graphical explorative functions

llar, delta, delta.lin for nonlinearity checking tools

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