Man pages for tsdecomp
Decomposition of Time Series Data

acgf2polyChange of Variable in the AutoCovariance Generating Function
acov2maConvert Autocovariances to Coefficients of a Moving Average
ARIMAdecARIMA-Model-Based Decomposition of Time Series
ARMAacovCompute Theoretical Autocovariances of an ARMA Model
canonical-decompositionCanonical Decomposition
compare-acfCompare ACF of Theoretical, Estimator and Empirical Component
filteringDouble-Sided Symmetric Linear Filter
filtering-plotPlot Method for 'tsdecFilter' Objects
partial-fractionPartial Fraction Decomposition
poly-operationsPolynomial Operations and Utilities
pseudo-spectrumPseudo-Spectrum of an ARIMA Model
roots-allocationAllocation of Autoregressive Roots
tsdecomp-packageARIMA-Model-Based Decomposition of Time Series Data
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