Man pages for tspmeta
Instance Feature Calculation and Evolutionary Instance Generation for the Traveling Salesman Problem

as_TSPConvert to TSP instance object of package TSP.
autoplot.tsp_instancePlot TSP instance.
center_of_massReturn the center of all cities of a TSP instance.
fast_two_optRuns 2-Opt local search on TSP instance.
feature_angleAngle features.
feature_bounding_boxBounding box features.
feature_centroidCentroid features.
feature_chullConvex hull features.
feature_clusterCluster features.
feature_distanceDistance features.
feature_modesModes of edge cost distribution feature.
feature_mstMST features.
feature_nndsNearest neighbor features.
featuresCalculates list of all TSP features for an instance.
get_solversReturns integrated solver names.
greedy_point_matchingGreedy point matching
instance_dimGet instance dimensionality (space where coords live).
morph_instancesMorphing (convex-combination) of two instances with parameter...
normalization_angleCalculate rotation angle such that the main axis through the...
normalize_rotationNormalize an instance w.r.t. its rotation.
number_of_citiesGet number of cities in tsp instance.
numvec_feature_statisticsComputes statistics from a vector of of values.
print.tsp_instancePrint TSP instance
random_instanceGenerates a random TSP instance by scattering random points...
read_tsplib_instanceRead in a TSPLIB style Traveling Salesman Problem from a...
read_tsplib_instancesRead in multiple TSPLIB style Traveling Salesman Problems...
read_tsplib_tourRead in a TSPLIB style Traveling Salesman Problem tour from a...
remove_zero_distancesRemove any duplicate cities in a tsp instance.
rescale_instanceRescale coords of TSP instance to [0,1]^2.
rotate_coordinatesRotate a matrix of 2D coordinates
rotate_instanceRotate the cities of a TSP instance around a point.
run_solverRuns a solver on a TSP instance.
tsp_generation_eaTSP generating EA.
tsp_instanceGenerates a TSP instance S3 object either from city...
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